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Contact Information

Who am I?

I am an engineer at hart, programming as a hobby and professionally. At home I'm running a Linux Gaming PC and maintain my own RaspberryPI server using Docker and Ansible. This website is generated using Hugo and includes custom CSS to alter the printable site.


Portfolio Datatype translation tool from GoLang to Typescript.
Uses GoLang Simple budget app.
Uses React and Expo
Released on the Google Play Store Database PDF report generator.
Uses Nodejs, SQL, PugJS and Javascript
Released on NPM and Github Ansible scripts for my Pi server.
Uses Javascript, Nodejs, Bash, BTRFS and Cron

Work experience

2019-11-01 up to 2021-04-30 Pro Warehouse - Frontend Developer
Address: Paasheuvelweg 34 C, 1105 Bj Amsterdam, Nederland
Functions: Front-ent developer using VueJS; with a supporting role in backend GoLang and PHP development and writing CLI programs in GoLang.

2019-04-08 up to 2019-10-28 Dolphiq - Fullstack Developer
Address: Rembrandtlaan 1b, 3723 BG Bilthoven, Nederland
Functions: Laravel, Craft back-developer and front-end developer using VueJS.

2018-01-01 up to 2019-04-08 B&B "The Crooked House"
Address: Nieuwe Looiersstraat 112, 1017 VE Amsterdam
Functions: B&B owner passed on from family.

2016-02 up to 2016-10 Meervilt - E-commerce Fullstack Developer (Prestashop)
Address: Jansweg 27-29, 2011 KL Haarlem, Nederland
Functions: Prestashop theme and addons developer; Prestashop administrator.

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